IT Services: A Way to Reduce Operating Costs

Matt Dickerson is the Managing Director of AXXIS Technology’s Senior Network Consultant and he was cited by Forbes as being one of the 15 top SMB consultant worldwide. “The average small business or company spends about 30% of their I.T. The typical SMB spends 30 percent of its I.T. maintenance.” What are the numbers that you use to measure your business expenses? Which method do you use for measuring your business expenses, discover more?

It is the purpose of this post to provide you with a possible option when you or your boss ask “What can be done to increase the profitability of our business without increasing the operating costs?” Take a sip of your favorite beverage, and lets take a brief look at I.T. Managed Services.

What Managed Services are?

The mix of I.T. products, services, and others. A full spectrum of I.T. The services are targeted at small- to medium-sized companies. A service provider can act as a complete I.T. virtual department. It is a department of the company.

The initial planning and implementation of I.T. Planning and implementation to ongoing technical assistance and administration to budgeting, the IT backbone must be able to keep pace with current and future business needs.

What is the service?

There are many different services and solutions offered by providers. It is also important to note the manner in which they deliver them. These are just a few examples. When researching an I.T. Managed Services Partner and if they cannot provide them, you should continue to search.

24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, Network Maintenance & Support

Every I.T. Services companies provide the business with a variety of services. It is not worth it to waste time waiting for I.T. problems to be solved. The issue will be solved within 24 to 72 hours. How can you budget effectively for unexpected events? Your IT provider should monitor your system constantly, provide maintenance like spyware and antivirus protection, disk analysis, application usage management, and security patching. Most businesses will find it important to have 24/7 support, both on and off site. It should not be an “about that much” or a guessing game. Instead, there should a flat fee.

I.T. Systems Planning and Analysis

Business owners often make I.T. decisions based on their current needs and not as part of an overall growth strategy. It is important that your IT provider evaluates both the current and the future needs of your business. You provider will make recommendations that can help you grow your company. It is important that every aspect of your business contributes to the growth of your firm. You’d think that this would include IT.

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