Car Rental Crete-Holidays

          Open All Year




 1. Requirements

  •  What kind of driver license do i need for Crete?                                                                                   

Since Crete is part of Europe citizens can use their valid Europeans driver's licenses. Drivers from outside Europe, need to obtain an international driver's license and driver's license from their own country.

  • What are my age requirements?

You have to be at least 21 years of age. At the age of 21 till 23 you are only allowed to rent a car from the small category. From 23 years of age, all categories can be rented.


2. Service

  • Where do you deliver and pick up the vehicle?

We deliver and pick up cars everywhere in Crete without any extra costs. This can be at the airports, seaports and all accommodations, such us hotels, apartment complexes, villas etc. anywhere on the island of Crete.

  • Do you pick up at the airports?

Yes, we pick up from the airport and deliver to the airport.

  • Do you deliver at the hotels?

Yes, we deliver at accommodations but the customer needs to be present to sign the rental contract.

  • Do you charge something extra when my flight is delayed, when i arrive in the night?

No, we don't have any extra charges above the stated prices. We will wait for any delayed flight, you can pick up the car at any time at the airport. We don't charge anything extra for this. Our prices are all inclusive.


3. Special rates

  • If i rent a vehicle for a long-term rental can i get a good price.

Yes, vehicles can be rented by the month and for this we can offer a special price. You can contact us by phone or email for this information.

Occasionaly we have special rates for certain groups and periods, check our website for these.


4. Method of payment

  • What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash and Credit cards: Payment by cash is accepted

We do not accept debit cards.

  • Can i use another person's credit for renting a vehicle?

Yes, but the card holder must present him or herself with proper ID. to sign the rental contract.

  • Do i have to pay a guarantee, or give my credit card number for guarantee?

No since the car is full insured, no guarantee has to be paid or given.


5. Insurance

  • Which insurance do you offer?

The insurances that are applicable in our prices are: CDW (Collision Damage Waiver), FDW (Full Damage Waiver), TPI (Third Party Insurance), PAI (Personal Accident Insurance), FTI (Fire and Theft Insurance), WUG (Wheels, Underneath and Glass of the car). All insurances are without are without any excess.

Please note: That you are not covered by the insuranse when the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


6. Deposit

  • Do i need to pay a deposit?

No. Payment of the full amount will be done in cash or by credit card, at receipt of the car.


7. Reservation

  • Is the voucher that i print after i made a reservation the same that i have to use on Crete?

Car rental voucher: On the voucher that you print after you made the reservation you will find all the necessary for the pick-up and drop-off and all local phone numbers for the operational functions. At the pick-up, you will rental contract. Also on this contract all information are available. The local rental contract is also your proof of insuranse, so this must be available when you drive the car.

  • Is it possible to rent a car for 1 day?

No, we have a minimum of 3 consecutive rental days or more.

  • Can i split my rental days?

No, the rental days must be in sequence. If you want to have a car in 2 different periods during your holidays, 2 separate bookings must be made, with a minimum of 3 rental days each.

  • Can i leave the car at a different place than the pick-up?

Yes, you can. This is called a one-way rental. For this we have a surcharge of €50,-. For a rental of more that 8 consecutive days the one-way rental is for free.

  • Can i make a reservation when my flight details are not known yet?

Yes, you can. 3 days before your arrival we will send you an e-mail to remind you to send us your missing flight information.

  • I want a last-minute booking. Can i still book a car?

Yes, you can. You can book a car the latest 3 days before you want to receive it. When it is less than 3 days, you have to phone us.

  • My flight details changed after i made a booking. How can i inform you?

On the home page at the bottom to the right, you see/ change/ cancel reseration. Fill in your e-mail address and your confirmation number and you can change the details.

  • My accommodation is not in your list, can i still make a booking?

Yes, you can. Just write the name, town and the address and telephone number if known, in the place where you can write comments.

  • I don't know my room or apartment number, is that a problem?

No, it is not necessary to fill this in.

  • I need to cancel my reservation. How do i do this and are there any costs involved?

You can do this via our website. There are costs involved:

Till 30 days prior to arrival: no cancelation fee, only €25.00 administration costs.

From 30 days- 1 day prior to arrival: 10% of the rental costs and €25.00 administration costs.

On the day of arrival or no show: 100% of the rental costs.

We will contact you for the payment.

  • Do i always get the car i reserve?

We always try to deliver the car you order. In case the ordered car should not be available for any reason at the time of pick-up, you will receive a car from the same category or higher without extra charge.


8. Type of vehicles

  • What type of cars do you have?

We have economy, compact, mid-size, full size, convertibles, vans and SUVs cars.

  • Do you have automatic or stick shift (manual operated) cars?

We have automatic cars and shift (manual operated) cars. On the website is indicated which cars are automatic, the rest are manual operated.

  • Are all the cars, air conditioned cars?

Yes, all our closed cars have air conditioning.

  • Do you rent cars by the hour?

No, our minimum rent is 3 days, 1 rental day is 24 hours.


9. Accessories

  • Do you offer accessories with your rentals?

We do have accessories that can be rented with the vehicles. The accessories are a child- baby seat, a booster seat and GPS systems.

The cost of baby-child seat is € 1.00 per day, maximum cost per rental € 7.00.

The cost of GPS is € 5.00 per day, maximum cost per rental € 50.00.

The booster seat is for free.

You can also choose for non-smoking car. This is for free.


10. Additional charges

  • Is there an additional charge for more than one driver?

Yes, the cost is € 1.00 per day. Additional drivers may be added to the vehicle rental agreement, at the time the local rental agreement is issued. The additional driver must meet the same requirements as the renter.

  • Is there any additional charge for fuel?

No, you return the car with the same amount of fuel as it was given to you.

  • Is there any additional charge for underage?

No, but the minimum age to rent/ drive a vehicle is 21 years of age. Renters with an age of 21 till 23 are limited to rent only the small cars group. From 23 years of age all the groups can be rented.

  • Do you charge for mileage?

No, we offer unlimited mileage.

  • Do we have to pay any taxes or service charges?

No, all taxes and service charges are applicable.


11. Out of Crete

  • Can i drive the car out of Crete?

No, due to insurance regulations, you are only allowed to drive in Crete.


12. Returning vehicles

  • If i have a flight leaving during your closing hours, is there anywhere i can leave your vehicle?

Since the car is fully insured, it does not need to be checked. When you receive the car, ask where you have to leave the car and the keys.


13. Problems with the car or complaints

  • Road assistance: Our company has a road assistance program in order to support our customers in case of any situation as mechanical problems or accidents. For example: if the car breaks down, we will provide you a replacement car at the place where you are.

         Please note: a flat tired has to be repaired on your own cost ( in Crete at almos any petrol station for about € 10,-).

  • Accident with the car: In case of an accident the rental company MUST ALWAYS IMMEDIATELY BE INFORMED. We assist you and will advise you what actions must be taken by you. If necessary, the car will be replaced. On the voucher, you find an emergency number, available 24/7.
  • Complaints: When there is a complaint about our services or the car, please report this directly to us by telephone. We will assure you that we will do everything to solve the problem a.s.a.p. Complaints sent to us after the rental period will not be taken into consideration, because you did not give us the opportunity to sovle the problem.